Practical info

Practical info

The only way to make World Cleanup Day succeed is if a lot of people – like you – organise local cleanup events. Interested to contribute, but not sure where to start? Then this page is for you!

What do you need?

A location

Decide on a central location to start your cleanup action from. Keep a few things into account:

  • Busy city centers are usually already cleaned by the city itself. Try to focus on areas that are less well covered by the public services.
  • Think about areas with nature, even if it’s just some bushes on a sidewalk: they seem to attract litter…
  • You can also take your team out to map where the trash is yourself! Try a few areas and use an app like TrashOut or WePlog to keep track.
  • Some areas are off-limits. Please do not endanger yourself or your team by cleaning areas you are not allowed into.
  • You can also contact your local trash collector or city center to get inspiration about where would be good locations to clean.
Also check out the app WePlog: it allows you to see where others have already cleaned up. Especially interesting to use on the day itself, in case another group is cleaning up that day too, so you’re not covering the same locations!

Cleanup material

Contact your local trash collector and city whether they can offer these to you. They are always very supportive of teams organising cleanups! You can also try contacting Mooimakers.

Essential: gloves and trash bags

  • Gloves.
    Two options:

    • Each person brings their own.
    • You provide them. That doesn’t mean you have to pay them; you could get them sponsored from city council, trash collector, Mooimakers or another organisation.
  • Trash bags.
    Get these from your local trash collector. Also arrange with them a place where you can leave the bags when you finish. Close to where you’ll be cleaning, of course.

Optional: pickers and fluo vests

  • Pickers.
    Dedicated long trash pickers exist, but small tools (such as food tongs) also work!
  • Fluo vests.
    Check with your city council whether these are legally required to organise your event.

Fancy: personalized wearables and/or carts

You may be able to get these sponsored by local companies. Making personalized wearables can be a great way to raise awareness, especially if you include the World Cleanup Day logo and your own!

  • Personalised t-shirts
  • Personalized fluo vests
  • Carts
    To be able to carry more trash – you’ll find a lot, trust us! Think: wheelbarrows, handcarts, pushcarts, cargo bikes, …

A way to dispose of the trash after you finish

Contact your local trash collector to arrange a place to leave your trash bags, close to where you’re cleaning. You can’t just leave the bags anywhere – but you probably also won’t need to drive them somewhere yourself.

People to join your event

How can you find more people to join? Here are some ideas.

Get like-minded organisations on board

You are probably not the first team organizing a cleanup in your area. There’s a good chance there are already existing organisations in your are that could help find more people to join your cleanup. Look up about trash and cleanups in your area, contact the most nearby JCI chapter (check to ask how they can help you, and contact your city center.

In your communications, focus on the ‘why’ and what’s in it for them

Focus on the “why”. Inspire people! The point here is doing something positive for the world, and raising awareness – not just to people joining, but anyone who will read about it in the media. Be sure also to reference the previous worldwide editions.

Try using multiple communication channels

You can use some of the following channels to get more people to join your event:

  • Create a Facebook Event and share it on Instagram, Tik-Tok, …
  • Find people in your neighbourhood with the app Hoplr.
  • Hang up posters (where you are allowed). Contact us if you would like us to create a localized poster for you, based on this one. You could put them up at bakeries, libraries, city hall, youth organisations, … try focusing on places where you think people go that have a chance of being convinced.
  • Ask other people as well as local organisations to share your event. They can share your Facebook event, or hang up posters, or send a communication to their members or clients, …
  • Contact your local press about this. It helps to organize a tryout cleanup a few months in advance, to get them to pay attention, because you’ll have pictures and something concrete.

Be safe

Please note that neither World Cleanup Day Belgium nor the international organization can be held accountable for the safety of your cleanup. Be sure to take all necessary measures yourself. We suggest you talk with your city council about your plan. They will be very supportive!

Those are just the basics. Don’t forget to register your action at one of our partners: this way we’ll know how many people joined world-wide!

Also think about the following …

Maximize your impact

A team

You may be able to organize a cleanup event on your own, but everything is easier and more fun when shared with some people! Try to get 2-4 like-minded people if you want to get the most out of the World Cleanup Day.

Tell the world about what you’re doing

Keep in mind that World Cleanup Day is largely about raising awareness. It would be too bad if you organize a great cleanup event but nobody knew about it. It is important to try to get local press on board. Tell them about your event, not just once, but keep sending them messages about it. And of course, on the day itself, send them pictures and a story about how succesful it was! You could also try getting your event mentioned on some local blogs etc – again, not just before, but also after.

It may help to reference the previous world-wide editions, in 2018 and 2019. See and various news articles on the web.

Do a cleanup try-out

With just your own team and a few friends, go on a trial cleanup somewhere in the coming weeks/months. You’ll get some experience and also have some pictures already to send to the press, post on your Facebook event, etc.

Make it big

If you are ambitious enough and have a good team, dare to develop a complete event around your cleanup. This can help get even more people encouraged to join your cleanup, and can look awesome in pictures 😉 For example you could put a table, stand, flag,… on a city center (ask the city whether you can), to encourage even more people to join on the day itself. You could even already put it there the day before. Perhaps you can think of other ways to spice up your event, in order to get even more people involved and/or more attention paid to it.


Find a way to celebrate with the people that joined you on your cleanup event! For example, promise some food and/or drink. In the simplest form, everyone just buys their own drink, so it doesn’t even need to cost a thing, but you still get the extra motivation. Or you might be able to get this sponsored by the city or by a local restaurant or bar. Or celebrate in whichever other way you prefer! After all, you did something awesome!

What do we need from you?

Are you on board? Awesome!! There are only two things we would like to ask you, apart from organising an awesome cleanup event:

Still got questions?

Check out our FAQ page, good chance your question will be in there.